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Koutroumanis Christoforos
Body paints

The company ‘FANOVAFES KOUTROUMANIS’, counts presence for decades in the difficult and extremely demanding area of ​​body painting of vehicles, but also of body painting works.
The many years of experience of the owner, Mr. Koutroumanis Christoforou and the external collaborator Zamboura Stergio, the professionalism and consistency that distinguishes them, combined with the love for their work, are a guarantee for a perfect aesthetic and functional result.
In a state-of-the-art space in Agia Paraskevi, the company undertakes car body paints of all types, make and displacement, minor repairs, local paints, polishing, waxing, and many other tasks.
Using state-of-the-art machinery, high quality paint oven, with consistent and careful choice of colors, of the best and most reliable companies on the market, excellent services are provided, eliminating the slightest scratch from the vehicle.
In order to better serve the customer needs, the company undertakes, free of charge, all the time-consuming and annoying processing, with all the insurance companies, saving the owners of the vehicles, time and money.

High level, professional results, impeccable service, unbeatable prices !!


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